Dylan Frittelli Risks Distance for Short Game Performance || World of Wunder


On this episode of #WorldOfWunder, Johnny Wunder, takes us through Dylan Frittelli's check list for his Callaway golf ball. Short game is key, Frittelli is looking for the softest ball that will preform best for putting, chipping and pitching. For spin specifically in the 2400 – 2600 rpm range is his sweet spot, this allows the driver to hold it straighter. For him getting the spin he wants on those 5-foot chips is more important than loosing a couple of yards on his drive. Also in Frittelli's short game alignment arsenal is the Odyssey Ten 2-ball putter. This paired with the Triple Track alignment gives Frittelli the confidence to know he's set up correctly. Try out our online golf ball selector tool : www.callawaygolf.com/custom-fitting/online-ball-selector/ Learn more about the Odyssey Tens Putter here: www.callawaygolf.com/clubs/odyssey-putters/ten-series/ See what the Callaway Community Testers think of the Odyssey Tens Putter: community.callawaygolf.com/categories/odyssey-ten-putter

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