Epic Family Fairway Woods | High Velocity Ball Speeds from NEW Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades


A new era of speed is coming, and it’s going to lead a fundamental shift in the fairway wood category. In 2021, fast is going to get faster, long is going to get even longer, and straight is going to get a lot straighter. How is all of that possible? It’s simple, we’ve set a new bar for ball speed technologies in our Epic Speed Fairway Woods. Available for Pre-Sale 1/26 – www.callawaygolf.com/epic/ Features & Benefits High Velocity Ball Speeds from NEW Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades
Epic ball speeds start with our new Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades. Callaway engineers used A.I. to design a completely new Jailbreak system which spreads and angles the Jailbreak blades. Along with stiffening the body, the new design allows the forged face cup to flex more. The result is exceptional ball speeds all across the face. Fast Ball Speed From A.I. Designed Flash Face SS21
Every model and every face in our fairway woods are uniquely designed using advanced A.I. It’s a proven ball speed design that puts an even greater emphasis on center and off-center ball speeds. More Speed + Forgiveness From a Forged C300 Maraging Steel Face Cup The high strength C300 Maraging Steel provides outstanding strength and flexibility while the Face Cup provides speed and spin consistency across the face. Hot, Penetrating Ball Flights from a Forward CG
The forward Center of Gravity (CG) is combined with a new leading-edge to promote a strong ball flight, outstanding spin robustness and consistent shot shape dispersion. Enhancements of Epic MAX Fairway Woods
Enhanced Forgiveness From an Oversized Max Shape
The oversized head combines with a shallow face to make Epic MAX fairways extremely easy to launch. Precision Fitting From Adjustable Weighting
Launch and spin are tunable using 2 & 14g weights. Use the heavy weight in the rear for more forgiveness or use the heavy weight in the front for lower launch and spin.

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