LPGA Winner Marina Alex on Long, Accurate, Drives & Family’s Stuffing Recipe | Girls N’ Golf Podcast


It's Thanksgiving week and Sarah and Lex are joined by LPGA Tour winner, Marina Alex, to discuss her years on tour, her thoughts on chasing distance, and one of her hobbies outside of golf – cooking! See below for Marina's family stuffing recipe. — Stuffing for turkey approx 15-20 lb turkey -3 lbs of sweet sausage uncased
-1 yellow onion chopped
-2 lbs white mushrooms
-1/2 cup chopped packed parsley
-1 cup of Grated cheese (Parmesan or Romano is fine)
-salt pepper to taste
-approx half loaf of white bread (sweet or butter bread is preferable)
-10 eggs 1. Prep ingredients. Chop onion, mushrooms, parsley
2. On medium heat in large pot sauté onions mushrooms and sausage. Continuously breaking up sausage into small pieces.
3. Season with salt pepper parsley and cook until sausage is cooked throughout and mixed well.
4. Remove pot from heat. Prep white bread by lightly wetting it and breaking up into small bits
5. While the sausage mixture is still warm add eggs and bread, constantly stirring. (Best to add a couple eggs and slices of bread at time to create a thick full consistency) add more eggs or bread if needed
6. Mix in grated cheese at the end
7. Stuff the turkey and sew. Put remainder in tin for baking separately

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