PGA Tour Pro Will Gordon Returns to his Roots to Find his Mojo | The JUMP 2021

“I’ve never played 14 out of 16 weeks, I’ve never been on the road and managed my life from a hotel room and it’s challenging.” – Will Gordon Will Gordon is a passionate competitor and is revisiting his roots in North Carolina, where he trains with his longtime coach Kelley Phillips. Surrounded by the people that know him best, Will is determined to reach his full potential as a professional athlete. About The JUMP:
Featuring Jon Rahm, Erik Van Rooyen, Anne Van Dam, Akshay Bhatia, and Will Gordon, Season 2 of Callaway Original The Jump gets beyond the leaderboard and inside the heads of five incredible Callaway athletes preparing for their next big career jumps. Watch All The Episodes here: More on Will Gordon:

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