Range Talk Episode 3: Yuka Saso | The vision is the driving force


Yuka Saso decided in 2nd grade she was going to win the U.S. Open and then she did. Next on her list: Win all of the Majors. On this edition of #RangeTalk, Yuka shares the power of vision. She sees the vision and makes it her reality in all aspects of her game: her swing, her wins, her process. Callaway Golf’s “Range Talk'' is a fun and authentic profile series hosted by Roger Steele. Roger set’s out to have the rillest conversations in golf history with absolute legends. Check out all of the episodes of #RangeTalk here: www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCr8Wo4ECVZFW3bHn50s1SI3zf-r-KLse

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