Range Talk Season 2 Episode 2: Sam Burns | The Heart of Competition


"Let's get these ratings" with Roger's first PGA Tour player of Range Talk Season 2, Sam Burns. Sam talks about his competitiveness that started way early in his years; grinding summers out on the golf course until he went amateur reaching #1, but Roger personally knows it's pettiness that's driving him. Whatever you call it, it got him a bogey free 68 round over Tiger launching him onto The Tour. And he hasn't stopped. Sam and Roger talk LSU, golfers being left out of the athlete group chat, golf goals, and top rappers dominating the hype-video scene. They close the episode on a short game challenge and Roger calls him on making it weird and tough. We're pretty sure Roger is still pushing for his first challenge though…let's see if he gets that million. Callaway Golf’s “Range Talk” is a fun and authentic profile series hosted by Roger Steele, he set’s out to have the rillest conversations in golf history with absolute legends. #rangetalk

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