Range Talk Season 2 Episode 3: Nate Hill | Golf, Gaming, Love Life, Repeat


Episode 3 of Range Talk Season 2 Roger Steele gets down with Nate Hill. He’s a professional gamer, passionate golfer, and has a massive energy for life. We could be describing both guys if Roger’s parents didn’t take his console. Nate Hill has all the ambition and skills worthy of the new renaissance role model so share this with your friends and family. Nate’s first gaming W, in golf terms; He lived up to the gaming hype and finished his first tourney in the top 4 of the “Masters of gaming.” Nate on Golf; He goes hard learning the game and joins the golf team in high school, but mainly to play untouchable country clubs…straight hustler. We’ll let you experience the DQ story that robbed him of States. Now he’s rediscovering his love for the game and focusing on shot shaping and becoming a scratch golfer. Nate’s mindset; When you’re good at a lot of stuff it’s hard to find the great. This is said with humility. The message to everyone is; live a comprehensive life, be well rounded, explore your passions and obsessions until you GET PAID for chasing your good time. Episode note for posterity:
Roger is a utility player, put the man in whenever the opportunity presents itself, it’s a WIN-WIN just like that last golf bet. Callaway Golf’s “Range Talk” is a fun and authentic profile series hosted by Roger Steele, he set’s out to have the rillest conversations in golf history with absolute legends. #rangetalk #fazeclan #natehilltv

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