Range Talk Season 2 Episode 5: Dude Perfect | Origin + stretching the limits of golf to GOAT levels


Roger needed the perfect dudes for this week’s Range Talk episode so he called up…Dude Perfect. In between Cody’s cold shanks Roger takes us through their origin story. The 5 Dudes met in college 14 years ago. It started as a side job while they grew the format and channel until they could formally take it on full time as equal partners. Over 14 years how do they come up with ideas and keeping it fresh? It starts with Tyler leads creative ideas, and then the Dudes collab on the concepts until they land with the group. The key is to keep it interesting and unexpected. Their content ideas evolved throughout the year; trickshots, battles, stereotypes, bucket list and the one’s that are the most fun to make are usually the one’s that perform the best. True words. Now let’s talk golf!
Ty started early on but it was in college where they all fell in love with the game. They go on to say it’s the greatest game of all time, they play with their kids and grand parents alike… It’s the only sport that involves the whole family. And family is the key. But "cold shank" Cody speaks to the relatability that golf is hard and doesn’t always love you back, but that’s the beauty of the game. Keeping golf content fresh gave way to All Sports Golf…and this was before YouTube golf was a thing. They were evolving in a space they created! This got Roger talking about his favorite videos. Roger’s favorite Dude Perfect videos:
Callaway’s Long Drive Trick Shots video – youtu.be/MVuOwzFGaj8
Augusta All Sports Golf Battle video – youtu.be/heIKaaamvdc These videos introduced a whole new generation of kids to golf. That’s the magic and influence of Dude Perfect. They are proving that golf cannot be confined to a box and they are stretching the limits of the sport to GOAT levels. Fainting goat levels. Every episode ends on a challenge and this one is closest to the pin, driver off the deck. It comes with HIGH STAKES; blank check vs 6th man. Garrett’s off camera practice swings might have something to do with the outcome. This was the coolest and coldest episode yet and in the words of Ty – Through a blessed life and dedication the Dude’s have become family. That bond will never break. Callaway Golf’s “Range Talk” is a fun and authentic profile series hosted by Roger Steele, he set’s out to have the rillest conversations in golf history with absolute legends. #DudePerfect #RangeTalk

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