Range Talk Season 2 Episode 6: Good Good x Callaway Golf


Roger Steele coming coming in hot hot with Good Good. The squad meets up with Roger in Dallas to talk about their partnership collab with Callaway Golf. Roger manages to pull out some tantalizing information from the guys by leading into it with the origin of the Good Good name. To which Roger asks for input on his possible YouTube empire name. Inside U definitely ain’t it. The Good Good guys have revolutionized golf content since hitting the scene. They are legitimately the boy band of golf. Each have their own unique playing style, personality, and contribution to the group. One thing that keeps their videos fresh and product offering evolving is their passion for the game. They are growing the game in such huge and impactful ways from their massive visibility and gravitas. It only made sense to partner with Callaway, the preferred equipment manufacturer, because of their shared vision to make the sport more accessible to people of all ages, especially the next generation. Their success has encouraged many young golfers to explore creating their own golf content on social and youtube. They give advice on how to stay true to your personality and remain authentic. The rest will follow if you stay the course and work your tail off. Roger challenges them to a hybrid closest-to-the-pin contest with a massive Chipotle dinner on the line. The results will astound you! Keep an eye on all our channels for Good Good x Callaway Golf content and the upcoming Good Good Championship in May. Callaway Golf’s “Range Talk” is a fun and authentic profile series hosted by Roger Steele, he set’s out to have the rillest conversations in golf history with absolute legends. #rangetalk #goodgoodgolf

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