The Fitting Room Podcast: Ep. 147 – Graphite Irons Shafts for Low Handicapper

Description of podcast – Graphite irons shafts dominate the lightweight market and are a popular choice for higher handicappers. But graphite has yet to become a serious consideration for better players. But that is starting to change and we are starting to see better player offerings like the new Callaway X Forged CB coming out with high performance graphite irons shafts as a stock option. So we wanted to talk to the experts and get the scoop on Graphite Irons shafts for the low handicapper. In this episode of the Fitting Room, Nate is joined by Avery Reed and Tod Boretto of MCA GOLF to discuss the MMT shaft, the latest in graphite iron technology, and the performance benefits better players might see when switching to a graphite iron shaft. Have a question? Hit us up on the Callaway Community:…ngCorner-71

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