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On this episode of #WorldofWunder, Johnny Wunder takes us to the Callaway Tour Truck to walk through Matt Wallace’s Bag. Wallace is a self proclaimed "almost gear head." Wallace's favorite club in the bag is his new Epic Speed because of its dispersion. With Wallace's draw bias he likes his 4 wood more open at 15.4. He looks for more loft then delofted and pushed more to the right. He also is using a 4 wood head with a 3 wood shaft length. Wallace flops between an Apex 3 iron and an Apex 3 hybrid depending on the wind or if he's trying to get out of the rough. Wallace is attached to his 4 TCB because of ease of use, when he need to make that carry over water. Dynamic loft and spin loft is an area Wallace is trying to work on by adding Nippon 120 shafts on his irons. Wallace currently has Apex MB 18s because he likes the spin rate. Interesting fun fact both Wallace and Phil Mickelson have extra grooves on his irons aka "Nike Grooves" for more spin control out of the rough. On his wedge set up Wallace has the Jaws MD5 Wedges in a raw finish with lofts 50 (10/S), 55, 60 (T-grind). Wallace caps tops of his bag with a Toulon designed Odyssey Atlanta putter with the sight line removed to take away thinking about lining up the putt too much. This allows him to jump into and focus. Epic Speed 9.0 (Matt Wallace's Favorite)
Epic Speed 4W 16.5
Apex Pro 3 Hybrid 20.0
Apex MB 18 4-9
Apex TCB 4 Jaws MD5 Wedges Raw 50, 55, 60
Toulon designed Odyssey Atlanta Putter
Chrome Soft X Learn more about Matt Wallace's Bag here: Check out why Matt Wallace switched to the Chrome Soft X Golf Ball:

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