Welcome to Slicers Anonymous — Now There is Hope for Your Slice


In golf (and life), sometimes all we need is someone who knows better to pull us out of our sad story. At Slicers Anonymous everyone has a common problem – a seemingly incurable golf slice. The group’s leader, played by Kevin Nealon, lives by his mantra, “your slice is not your swing,” and is the only one with the solution to the slice. After traveling the world in search of answers, advice, and remedies, he knows it’s not the player and he knows it’s not their swing. So then…what is it? Watch and find out. Cast:
The Guru…Kevin Nealon
Dale…Tone Bell
Julie….Courtney Scheuerman
Tommy…Nick Turner
Carl…Aristotle Athiras
Paul…Phil Painter
Golf Coach…Cort McCown
Tommy’s Friend…Ari Mannis
Janitor…Eddie Pepitone

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